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17/12/23 - Neris GENAKER fleximast downwind sail rig. Intro video on this useful accessory - see here

01/10/23 - BORIKA FASTen range updated with more accessories - see here

23/02/23 - Lightweight variant kayak models
Lighter versions of the existing models now available to order on special request. Uses lighter materials all round. Ideal where weight is more important than "excess" toughness. Good for overland backpacking and air travel. Speak to us for details

08/02/23 - Dry bag Package Deals
Discounted sets of dry bag pieces for your kayak available. See here

13/04/20 - Key differences between the kayak Series
Summary explaining the main differences between all four Neris Series here

22/03/20 - Borika FASTen range
We supplyi Borika's FASTen range of mounts and accessory holders for small crafts - see article on the Home page in the right hand column. Temporary list here

Kayak Series names

To avoid any possible confusion about kayak models when looking at photos etc - all Neris hybrid folding kayaks (EG Smart / Smart PRO) have a Series logo on the front side deck and all Neris folding kayaks (Alu / Valkure) have a Series logo on the rear deck.
EG - you will only see "NERIS SMART PRO" on all three Smart PRO models

No matter which country you are based in, do contact us with your queries. Prices are linked to the Euro - we will provide quotes in your preferred currency if not based in the UK. If there is already a NERIS dealer in your country, we will re-direct your query to them

When you would like to order, contact us and we will provide up to date quotes. We will also send you an invoice with relevant payment details etc.

Or if you need advice etc, we are more than happy to help with your queries.

Looking to replacing the skin for your Pouch RZ85 or old Russian made kayaks?
Speak to us about a replacement skin for your German made Pouch RZ85-3 or old Russian Saliut/ Taimjen kayaks

Looking for something?
If you are looking for something that is not listed on our website please give us a call or email us.

NERIS products are all made in Europe, using European / USA made materials and high grade German welding machines.

3-5 year warranty on all NERIS products (domestic usage)

Important Notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid license / permission from the relevant authorities to use water craft on UK's waterways, rivers, lakes, etc. Not all inland water is open to paddlers, some access points / rivers are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. Membership of a canoe union / club is very beneficial.


NERIS kayaks/canoes, packrafts and accessories

Custom options / selections

Below are some of the various options available to create your bespoke boat and accessories to match. It is important to choose the permanent features of the boat when ordering as these items cannot be changed once production on your boat has started.

Non-permanent items (EG - accessories) can usually be changed during production or be purchased at a later date.

Should you have a special need / request, that might not be covered below, do ask!

Kayak frames
There are two main types of skeletal frames used in the kayaks - Standard and Light. The Light version uses smaller diameter ALU tubing and is standard issue in the shortest kayaks - the Smart PRO XS and Smart MINI. This Light frame is also available on request with the Smart PRO S if opting to get the lighter TPU/PVC mix skin. (EG LIGHT version Smart PRO S)

The skeletal frame is standard in the silver / grey colour - an optional extra request is to have the frame Matt black powder coated.

The default skeletal frame as issued in the EU / UA regions does not have floor boards or floor slats. We in the UK recommend the addition of alu floor slats for ease of entry / exit (to have something to stand on) as well as being lighter than the floor boards. To keep the weight down, these floor slats / floor boards are only positioned directly in front of each seat position and they are fitted based on your kayak choice - EG solo, tandem or multi-role. We in the UK do have stocks of alu floor stats for easy retro-fitting should you need more.

Standard frame with floor slats

Matt black powdered frame with floor slats

Standard or lightweight build
The standard kayak / raft is made of durable PVC whereas the LIGHT versions are made with a lighter TPU/PVC mix skin.

LIGHT versions are special request boats and due to the higher cost of the TPU fabric, these boats do cost more, however, the boats do weigh a lot lighter by comparison to the standard PVC versions. LIGHT skins fold smaller too.

Spray decks are also made in TPU for the LIGHT's.

With the Smart PRO S LIGHT, you have the choice of opting for a LIGHT frame for further weight reduction or retain the stronger and stiffer standard frame.

LIGHT frame with floorboards

Boat skin
Rafts have two main areas / sections - the hull and the inflatable tube, the Valkure / Alu Series kayaks have two - hull and the decks, the SMART / Smart PRO Series kayaks have three - hull, inflatable sponsons, and decks. The different areas / sections all use different types / weights of PVC or TPU and hence have respective limited colour ranges. Please note that for the "same" colour, the colours do not exactly match in colour tone across the different fabrics.
The default colour of the hulls is black, with light grey (cream coloured) being a special request.

Valkure and Alu Series kayaks uses single sided PVC for the decks, the SMART's / PRO's uses double sided PVC / TPU for the inflatable sponsons and decks. On special request to have a special colour combination kayak, the SMART / PRO's can have single sided PVC for the decks which would be in a different colour to the inflatable sponsons (EG the Ukrainian colour scheme "Peremoga" of blue / yellow.

SMART / Smart PRO, Packrafts - PVC - Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Light Grey
SMART / Smart PRO, Packrafts - TPU - subject to availability
Valkure / ALU Series - PVC - Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Dark Grey, Olive / Khaki / Dark Green (check for availability)

Spray decks for all boats - default colour is black. Special request can be in any available colour (no extra cost). Those concerned about visibility by others if choosing a dark coloured boat (EG black or green) can opt for an orange spray deck to use when off-shore paddling.

Accessories (EG dry bags) - default is made in two colours, black for the side panels and the main colour is in any available colour, usually matching the main colour of the boat. Otherwise any colour combination can be requested, with some bags being made in high visibility colours to act as emergency beacons should that need arises. Note that with TPU items, we cannot guarantee same colours again later if the TPU fabric stock runs out.

Sail rigs - made on request by a master sail maker, inquire as to possible available colours

Left - Red with Black hull
Right - Orange with light grey hull

Blue Smart PRO's with yellow decks, and light grey / black hulls

Bow / stern 60l conical dry bags

Spray decks
For most of the mid length kayaks, both single and tandem version spray decks are available - these kayaks already have the required seat fittings to work in either role as standard. Also, there are spray deck versions with smaller "Loading hatches" in different configurations available.

Single seater spray decks can have no loading hatch, loading hatch at front, loading hatch at rear, or loading hatch both front and rear.

Single & Tandem version spray decks are available for SMART-1, SMART-2, Smart PRO S, Smart PRO, Valkure-2, ALU-2.

Cockpit sizes - Standard and Small (Loading hatch or for very small children). At optional extra request, you can substitute STD sized cockpits with XL cockpits with XL waist skirts & cockpit covers - ideal for very tall paddlers or for those with knee / leg issues. Note that there may be restrictions with adding on loading hatches together with XL cockpits due to available spaces to position to squeeze in loading hatches. You could forfeit the mesh pocket/s..

Colours - default spray deck colour is black. For extra visibility with a dark boat or to create an unique colourful boat, spray decks in a different colour can be requested.

Orange tandem spray deck on a Smart PRO S for greater visibility for off-shore use

XL cockpit spray deck on top of a STD sized cockpit for size comparison
BORIKA Universal mounts
Only the Smart PRO Series kayaks / canoes are fitted with a single BORIKA starter mini base mount on the right hand of the rear deck, as standard. These mounts together with the optional extra BORIKA universal socket allows you to plug in various accessories such as holders / poles for GoPro cameras, fishing rods, etc.

Some of the BORIKA items are listed here
See 'BORIKA Solutions' for various ideas

Should you require additional base mounts or have some fitted on a SMART Series boat, do speak to us.

Low profile BORIKA mini base mount fixed permanently on stern deck with the removable BORIKA universal socket locked in

On an ongoing basis, NERIS innovates and improves all products. IE product descriptions (text / photos) on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

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