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17/12/23 - Neris GENAKER fleximast downwind sail rig. Intro video on this useful accessory - see here

01/10/23 - BORIKA FASTen range updated with more accessories - see here

23/02/23 - Lightweight variant kayak models
Lighter versions of the existing models now available to order on special request. Uses lighter materials all round. Ideal where weight is more important than "excess" toughness. Good for overland backpacking and air travel. Speak to us for details

08/02/23 - Dry bag Package Deals
Discounted sets of dry bag pieces for your kayak available. See here

13/04/20 - Key differences between the kayak Series
Summary explaining the main differences between all four Neris Series here

22/03/20 - Borika FASTen range
We supplyi Borika's FASTen range of mounts and accessory holders for small crafts - see article on the Home page in the right hand column. Temporary list here

Kayak Series names

To avoid any possible confusion about kayak models when looking at photos etc - all Neris hybrid folding kayaks (EG Smart / Smart PRO) have a Series logo on the front side deck and all Neris folding kayaks (Alu / Valkure) have a Series logo on the rear deck.
EG - you will only see "NERIS SMART PRO" on all three Smart PRO models

No matter which country you are based in, do contact us with your queries. Prices are linked to the Euro - we will provide quotes in your preferred currency if not based in the UK. If there is already a NERIS dealer in your country, we will re-direct your query to them

When you would like to order, contact us and we will provide up to date quotes. We will also send you an invoice with relevant payment details etc.

Or if you need advice etc, we are more than happy to help with your queries.

Looking to replacing the skin for your Pouch RZ85 or old Russian made kayaks?
Speak to us about a replacement skin for your German made Pouch RZ85-3 or old Russian Saliut/ Taimjen kayaks

Looking for something?
If you are looking for something that is not listed on our website please give us a call or email us.

NERIS products are all made in Europe, using European / USA made materials and high grade German welding machines.

3-5 year warranty on all NERIS products (domestic usage)

Important Notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid license / permission from the relevant authorities to use water craft on UK's waterways, rivers, lakes, etc. Not all inland water is open to paddlers, some access points / rivers are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. Membership of a canoe union / club is very beneficial.


Canoe bench seat set-up on the SMART Series of hybrid folding kayaks

Canoe bench seats is an optional extra feature / accessory that is available for all Neris SMART models. Two different seat attachment methods are used in the two SMART Series.

The standard SMART Series boats uses fixed flaps as anchor points that are permanently attached to the kayak skin. Removable bench seat boards are corded to the seat flaps. It is highly recommended that these seat flaps are ordered when ordering the boat. IE is professionally fitted at the factory. Canoe seat flaps are fitted in the same positions as the existing kayak seats that comes standard with that specific model boat. In the case of the single seater SMART-1 and the SMART PRO S which comes with one seat as standard, those boats can be used as a short double seater with extra seat positions (flaps) and extra seat/s (kayak seat or canoe seat or both).
Height of seat above floorboard - 34cm approx

The SMART PRO Series boats uses a removable flap sleeve system utilizing the upper ALU frame. The bench seats are then corded to these seat flap sleeves. This is a simple add-on that can be ordered after the kayak has been purchased.
Height of seat above floorboard - 20cm approx

Below are photos showing the basic concept as used currently in both SMART Series. There is a short film clip showing a SMART-2 being paddled as a double canoe in this video here - video

NOTE - some photos may show kayaks without floorboards. These would be of boats that are made for the EU market, UK boats have floorboards as standard. To keep the weight down, floorboards are only fitted where you would normally stand when getting in / out of the kayak

Photos of a blue / black Neris SMART-1 single seater that was set up as short double (May 2018)
Normally, this single seater would just have a single pair of canoe bench seat flaps, which is positioned roughly just behind the midway point along the length of the boat.

After the boat frame has been fully assembled and the side sponsons fully inflated, you then attach the bench seats. The canoe bench seat flaps can been seen on the left side

Here the bench seat is being "threaded" on in the central position on the seat flaps. The bench seat can be attached one eyelet forward, or one eyelet back - IE three positions

Photos of a blue / white Neris SMART-2 double seater (Nov 2017)

Photos of a white / black Neris SMART PRO double seater (Dec 2019)
For the Smart PRO Series, the seat flaps are slip on sleeves. The sleeves are fitted during the upper ALU frame assembly, before the final sponson inflation. Once the sponsons have been fully inflated, the bench seats can be attached


On an ongoing basis, NERIS innovates and improves all products. IE product descriptions (text / photos) on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

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